Open Source Software

The software applications listed below are open source and can be utilized by an array of industries for many important business purposes.

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Accelerating biomedical research depends on investigators working together, but how does one find the best collaborator to help answer important scientific questions? Profiles helps researchers visualize expertise so the right connections can be made faster. Learn More


Investigators need to be able to judge the feasibility of a study by understanding whether sufficient patient populations exist that meet the study criteria. SHRINE makes running queries on patient populations safe and easy.Learn More

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Scheduling patients for complex study visits is one of the most common pain points that clinical research units face. Scheduler streamlines this process by giving study coordinators the tools they need to schedule visits in real time.Learn More

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Researchers spend money creating biomedical resources that might already exist, simply because they're not able to discover them in an easy and effective way. eagle-i is a platform that makes discovery of biomedical research resources possible. Learn More