Current Collaborations and National Projects

The following projects and initiatives are partnerships between our team and a variety of organizations, CTSA's, institutions, hospitals, and agencies that have both local and national impact.

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To formulate new scientific questions, researchers need a view into the health conditions impacting patient populations beyond their own institution or research area. We've joined other universities in delivering a platform to query aggregate patient counts from electronic medical records across the country. Learn More


Multisite clinical trials are essential to discovering new treatments for disease. With multiple sites involved in a human study, the ethical review complexities increase exponentially. We're working with other institutions to deliver a platform to streamline IRB review. Learn More

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Precision medicine relies on tools that enable researchers to predict, detect, and prevent diseases using patient data from a variety of sources. We're supporting one of the leading organizations devoted to developing flexible solutions to make data exploration possible globally. Learn More

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Educational opportunities like in-person and online courses are essential to clinical investigators, yet information on these resources remains hidden in institutional silos, slowing down important research. We've partnered with other informatics teams to build an ontology to make these resources more visible.Learn More

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Former professional football players face unique health conditions and challenges that require bold innovation and novel therapeutics to address. Understanding the data of over 4,000 former players is only part of the battle, and our team is helping provide the infrastructure to enable data analysis. Learn More