About Scheduler

Scheduling for clinical research visits is often a time consuming and inefficient process that can impact the overall success of a study.

Scheduler is an application that allows study coordinators to schedule complex study visits with all the people, physical spaces, and equipment they need in real time.

The application is built to give flexibility to both study and clinical research center (CRC) staff to model complex research visits in templates, and then schedule visits through a sophisticated algorithm. Users are able to confirm appointments with a click of a button.

Data on these visits is aggregated into a number of standard report queries, and an additional report builder module provides even more flexibility for administrators to analyze resource utilization in their units.

Scheduler is so much more than just providing information to users; it is built to help CRC units make decisions.

Scheduler was first built in 2011, with the development team working closely with nurses, nutritionists, study coordinators, laboratory technicians, and administrators at Harvard-affiliated CRC sites to understand how scheduling challenges impacted their ability to deliver services to investigators.  Today, the application has been adopted by six CRC units across the country.

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