The applications listed below demonstrate approaches our team took to solve problems for our users.

Institutions offer a myriad of courses, both in-person and online, that could enhance the skill sets of clinical and translational researchers, but there isn't a centralized way for users to find these educational resources. We're using one of our open source applications to make searching for courses easier. Learn More

How do medical school students get mentors they need and experience important to their future careers? How do they know, beyond email conversations or word-of-mouth, what kinds of opportunities might be available to them? We're helping to make these connections with a simple application.Learn More

An entire ecosystem of core facilities that provide important services to researchers is out there, but just discovering these facilities remains a hurdle to more robust usage. We've leveraged one of our open source platforms to make this community of facilities more visible.Learn More

For researchers, just keeping all the information and materials one needs to write a successful grant organized is almost as difficult as writing the grant itself. We've created a solution to bring these pieces together.Learn More

There's no shortage of tools in the market to create and manage application forms for courses, fellowships, and other awards. We can show you how to make a general data collection platform actually work for your applicants.Learn More

Clinical research studies involve not only a great deal of planning, but also high-demand resources and expertise from clinical research facilities and staff. We've taken advantage of a popular commercial platform to make protocol review process easy and transparent to investigators. Learn More