About N-Lighten

Programs and centers for clinical and translational science across the country develop educational assets to train and educate their local investigator network, but these resources remain invisible and under-leveraged by the wider community.

The goal of N-Lighten is to create an ontology to semantically describe educational resources, and a platform to allow researchers to search for and discover these resources among member institutions.

This work is a national collaboration, funded by National Center for Advancing Translational Science, led by The Ohio State University with participation from Harvard University and Oregon Health and Science University.

Team members from The Ohio State University managed the overall project and provided important subject matter specialists to provide input into the ontology.

Harvard Catalyst team members adapted the eagle-i platform to utilize the new educational resources ontology, enabling users to search for and find educational resources.

The team at OHSU built the ontology that was used to map semantic relationships between educational resources and the institutions that created them.

A resulting proof of concept system was developed among the three teams and presented to NCATS. Lessons learned from this collaboration were used to implement the first practical application of the N-Lighten ontology, LearnResearch.