About Football Players Health Study

Clinical researchers and NFL athletes want to address health conditions players face after retiring from the sport. Data about the health of these players remains one of the essential components for developing prevention methods, treatment options, and diagnostic tools to improve outcomes.

The Football Players Health Study is a national collaboration between the NFL Players Association and Harvard University. The goal of the study is to understand and improve the whole health of former NFL players.

The study is funded by the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), who also provides imperative connections to the player community as well as a network of people to advise players regarding their participation.

Harvard University and affiliated hospital clinical research units facilitate the research data collection, assessment, and analysis.

The team at Harvard Catalyst provides scalable infrastructure through Amazon Web Services to safely and securely store data collected by the clinical research centers for central data analysis.

The study is still ongoing, but the initiatives of the research is already producing interesting results that tell us more about how the sport can impact the long-term health of players.

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