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There is no 3.6.0 release.


A new version of the eagle-i applications is now available for download. The release notes documented on this page apply specifically to version 3.7.2. Please see the Upgrade Checklist for information on how to perform an upgrade.

How to use this document

Notes for this release are broken up into four categories: New Features, Improvements and/or Bug-fixesKnown IssuesPrerequisites for Upgrading & Deprecated Properties.  Within each category, notes are further divided into the application that is affected. Known issues will be cumulative of known issues that have not yet been resolved. If you are unsure what applications are applicable for your installation, please refer to this page.

Most institutions will be interested primarily in the General (effects across multiple applications), SWEET and SPARQLer sections within each category.

Institutions that have installed the optional Institutional Search will be interested as well in items that have been tagged INSTITUTION in the Search Application section within each category.

For those who have chosen to administer their own network of nodes, the sections of interest are General, items that have been tagged CENTRAL in Search Application  and Network Administration (Central Search Only) sections within each category.


This release is not compatible with java version 1.7.0_25.

New Features, Improvements and/or Bug-fixes


  • IMPROVEMENT First pass in adjusting the logging statements to assist in troubleshooting

  • IMPROVEMENT Styling throughout the applications is now consistent with the main eagle-i makeover


  • BUG Experimental API is once again working

  • BUG Catalyst Core API is now filtering the results correctly

Search application

Applies to both central and institutional search, unless otherwise specified.

  • NEW FEATURE CENTRAL iPSCell search results page now allows users to send an email with a link to the results page.

  • NEW FEATURE iPSCell search results page now has a close this tab button.
  • IMPROVEMENT iPSCell search results page has been restyled for clarity and clearer navigation.
  • IMPROVEMENT Solr library upgraded from 3.6 to 4.10.3

SWEET application

  • BUG Application will no longer try to start a node registry service if a node-registry.xml file is accidentally included in the config folder.

SPARQL workbench

Applies to both the authenticated workbench (repository, yellow background) and the public workbench (SPARQLer, blue background).

  • IMPROVEMENT There is now a default view selected, published-resources.

Known Issues

The following are known issues that may be addressed in releases after 3.7.2. If there is a suitable workaround for a given issue, it will be listed.

Current Release

  • Solr 4 and Java version 1.7.0_25 are incompatible. The failure mode will be an inability to start the applications. You will see in the logs something along the lines of:
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException 
at java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap.put( 
at org.eaglei.solr.EagleISolrConfig.<init>( 
at org.eaglei.institution.server.InstitutionSearchConfig.<init>( 
at org.eaglei.institution.server.InstitutionSearchConfig$$EnhancerBySpringCGLIB$$f7420dde.<init>(<generated>) 
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) 
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance( 
at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance( 
at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance( 
at org.springframework.beans.BeanUtils.instantiateClass( 
... 29 more 
  • The fix for this is to upgrade your java.


Prior Releases

 Click here to view known issues for prior releases...

3.5.0 Release

    • Applications fail to start, version 2.0-MS2.21 and older
      • There was a bug that prevented following redirects.
      • As of 04/20/15, the workaround is to update the file with the new locations
      • At some point in the near future, we will be re-adding the old hosted locations for backward compatibility.

3.0.4 Release

    • Incomplete records may be displayed in central search if no upgrade is done. Extensive work has gone into our ontology for this release to bring eagle-i to ISF compliance, in addition to enhancing the modeling for induced pluripotent stem cell types.  If existing data is not migrated to the new ontology, the central search application may not be able to interpret/recognize obsolete ontological properties and will not display them.

Network Administration

Available in central search only.

    • We have seen an issue with how strictly different versions of tomcat parses local-node.xml file.  One version insisted on case sensitivity for the tag, and one version was fine. For example, tomcat version 7.0.42 does not have same parsing as version 7.0.41.  In other words, using <node url=""in the local-node.xml file was acceptable in one version, while the same exact line caused a parsing error (note the lower case 'url' instead of the documented 'URL').

2.0 MS 3.07 Release

    • When using drop down boxes in Chrome, it is not possible to jump to an entry by typing the first few letters. (No workaround)
    • It is possible to save records with unnamed embedded instances. Doing so results in losing any information entered for the embedded instances. (No workaround)
    • If more than one organization record has the same exact name, only one of them will be displayed in the "Work With My Organizations" dropdown. (No workaround)
Search application

Applies to both central and institutional search, unless otherwise specified.

    • Entering text with square brackets, [ & ], in the search box will execute a blank search, rather than searching for the text. (No workaround)
    • "Cite This Resource" - The keyboard shortcut for copying does not work in Firefox or Chrome. Workaround:
      1. Use the Copy from the browser's menu bar or from the popup while right clicking.
Network Administration

Available in central search only.

    • In the network administration UI (at <myNode>/central/admin), there is no direct way to remove a node (institution) from a group. Workaround:
      1. Use central/admin to edit the node:
      2. Take the node out of service (a check-box near the bottom of the form)
      3. Save
      4. Edit the node again, removing the value from the field "Belongs to group"
      5. Put the node back into service (the same check-box)
      6. Save
    • In the network administration UI (at <myNode>/central/admin), there is no direct way to change the group a node belongs to. Workaround:
      1. Use central/admin to edit the node:
      2. Take the node out of service (a check-box near the bottom of the form)
      3. Save
      4. Edit the node again
      5. Enter a new name in the field "Belongs to group"
      6. Put the node back into service (the same checkbox)
      7. Save

Prerequisites for Upgrading


Deprecated Properties

Not applicable

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