A new version of the eagle-i applications is now available for download. The release notes documented on this page apply specifically to version 3.0.4.

Please note that we have moved to a more conventional approach for our version numbering scheme.  We are now using the format of: [major].[minor].[patch].  Also note that this is a major release and we are not guaranteeing backwards compatibility with previous versions.

How to use this document
Notes for this release are broken out into five categories: Bug fixes, Improvements/New Features, Known Issues, Prerequisites for Upgrading & Deprecated Properties. Within each category, notes are further divided into the application that is affected. If you are unsure what applications are applicable for your installation, please refer to this page.

Most institutions will be interested primarily with the General (affects across multiple applications) and SWEET sections within each category.

Institutions that have installed the optional Institutional Search will be interested as well with the Search Application (Institution and Central) section within each category.

For those who have chosen to administer their own network, the sections of interest are General, Search Application (Institution and Central), and Network Administration (Central Search Only).

How to upgrade
To upgrade an existing installation to this new version, please do the following in the specified order:

  1. Update configuration files (Prerequisites for Upgrading)
  2. Upgrade repository (Repository Installation, Upgrade and Administration Guide)
  3. Upgrade applications (SWEET and Institutional Search Installation and Upgrade Guide)

Bug fixes

  • Search application (Central)

    • Fixed several issues related to requesting a resource:

      • [SOFT-1315] Close button for the email preview is sometimes hidden and inaccessible in Firefox and IE

      • [SOFT-1310] While waiting for a request to be submitted, the screen is nearly blacked out in IE.

      • [SOFT-1386] Intermittent incomplete reset of request resource forms.

      • [SOFT-1391] Typing in the partial name of a location should return the same results as the full name, e.g. “Flying” and “Flying Kittens Lab” should return the same result set.

Improvements/New Features

  • General

    • new feature Ontology is now ISF compliant

    • new feature Extensive ontology modelling for induced pluripotent stem cells.
    • new feature Clicking on the 'Browse' link (located next to the search bar) now links to a user friendly page to assist in browsing available resource types.
    • new feature Institution logo on application can now be customized.  In the past, clicking on the institution logo brought users to the home page. To customize, add the following property to the file (replace with the link of your choice):

    • new feature Citations that refer to resources that have been withdrawn are now resolvable.  The dissemination pages that these resources resolve to have been styled differently than published resources.

    • improvement Improved error page for unresolvable eagle-i URIs

    • improvement Now using Apache HttpClient 4.3

  • SWEET application

    • improvement Username and password for the training site ( has been added to the header for ease of use.

    • improvement Checkboxes have been replaced with a dropdown. Now it is possible to differentiate between an unknown value versus an explicit no value.

  • Search application (Institution and Central)

    • new feature Browse functionality for the resource type filters:

      • Users are now able to explore the resource type hierarchy without triggering a search by using the + or - buttons next to the resource type label (where available).

      • After applying a resource type filter to a search, the type hierarchy for the selected resource type will remain visible.

    • new feature Shortcuts to selected resource types have been added:

      • Quick Filters: Applies the specified resource type to the current search

      • All Filters: Clears the current search and displays all the resources for the specified type.

    • new feature Sticky filters for a search:

      • Filters that have been added to a search will not get cleared if the text being searched for is changed.

      • Clear all filters link now provided. This will clear only the filters. Any search text that has been searched on will remain.

    • new feature A configurable announcement panel has been added to the left hand side of the display.

    • improvement Changes displayed text on the search page

    • improvement Instance pages for the search results have been redesigned to better display a larger number of resources.

    • improvement Removal of misleading categorization of resource type suggestions in the search box.

  • Search Application (Central)

    • improvement Usability of the institution select window:

      • Users are now able to double click in the institution select window to add institutions to the selected lists.

      • Users are now able to select multiple institutions to add to the selected list.

    • improvement Better user error messages on the provider response to a request form.

  • Network Administration (Central Search Only)

    • improvement Consistency of how institution names are handled by the network admin console.

    •  improvement Better usability of the network admin console.

Known Issues

The following are known issues that may be addressed in future releases. If there is a suitable workaround for a given issue, it will be listed.

Current Release:

  • Incomplete records displayed in central search if no upgrade is done.

Extensive work has gone into our ontology for this release to bring eagle-i to ISF compliance, in addition to enhancing the modelling for induced pluripotent stem cell types.  If existing data is not migrated to the new ontology, the central search application may not be able to interpret/recognize obsolete ontological properties and will not display them

2.0 MS 3.07 Release:

  • General

    • When using drop down boxes in Chrome, it is not possible to jump to an entry by typing the first few letters. (No workaround)

    • It is possible to save records with unnamed embedded instances. Doing so results in losing any information entered for the embedded instances. (No workaround)
    • If more than one organization record has the same exact name, only one of them will be displayed in the "Work With My Organizations" dropdown. (No workaround)
  • Search application (Institution and Central)

    • Entering text with square brackets, [ & ], in the search box will execute a blank search, rather than searching for the text. (No workaround)
    • "Cite This Resource" - The keyboard shortcut for copying does not work in Firefox or Chrome. Workaround:
      • Use the Copy from the browser's menu bar or from the popup while right clicking.
  • Network Administration (Central Only)

    • There is no direct way to remove a node (institution) from a group. Workaround:
      1. Edit the node
      2. Take the node out of service
      3. Save
      4. Edit the node again
      5. Put the node back into service
      6. Save
    • There is no direct way to change the group a node belongs to. Workaround:
      1. Edit the node
      2. Take the node out of service
      3. Save
      4. Edit the node again
      5. Enter a new name for the group
      6. Put the node back into service
      7. Save

Prerequisites for Upgrading

The following changes need to be done to upgrade to this version. These changes are not compatible with prior versions of the software.

  • Consolidation of properties related to configuring how emails should be sent (message transfer agent)

There are several types of email that can be sent by the various applications.  Previously, each of these email types had separate properties for configuring how the emails should be sent, in addition to the email address that should be used.  In an attempt to simplify our configuration files, we have consolidated these properties.  There is now one set of properties to configure how an email should be sent.  Each email type will still be able to specify its own email address.

    • The new configuration properties to use are:
      • (no default)
      • (defaults to 25)
      • (defaults to false)
      • (defaults to an empty string)
      • (defaults to an empty string)
      • (no default, the 'from' address)
      • (no default, the 'from' name)
      • (no default, the feedback 'to' address)

Deprecated Properties

The following properties have been deprecated and can be removed from the properties file to avoid confusion.


    • eaglei.tributary.smtp.port
    • eaglei.tributary.smtp.user
    • eaglei.tributary.smtp.password
    • eaglei.tributary.smtp.starttls.enable

Properties with new default value

The following properties now have a default value and can be removed from your properties files if the default value is suitable.


    • eaglei.datatools.uses.globals
    • eaglei.datatools.globalRepository.url
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