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The Legacy web client has a Network Help link in the upper right by default. We will change that text and link destination..  


Click this link: index.html to download a new index.html with the updated Site Data Details link.

Use it to replace the existing index.html file located atTo customize this link, go to/opt/shrine/tomcat/webapps/shrine-api/shrine-webclient-legacy

and open the file index.html in a text editor.

To change the title of the link go to line 538 and you will see the current setting "Network Help".

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To change this link replace "Network Help" with the title of your choosing, in this example we are changing the title to "Site Data Details"

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Now, to change the url that the link points to, go to around line 323 and you will see a networkHelp.onclick method that will direct the user to a local .pdf file when clicked.

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Change the url to the desired link.  Note the comma following the end sure to keep this in place.  In the example below, we are changing the url to a google docs link.

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In the legacy web client, you should see the Site Data Details link in the upper right.