After installing and configuring SHRINE, you can verify the installation by navigating to each application's login page and signing in as the 'shrine' user:

  • The SHRINE Data Steward - the url should be in the form of https://your_shrine_url:6443/shrine-api/shrine-steward/ . Start here to create a topic.

  • The SHRINE Webclient - the url should be in the form of https://your_shrine_url:6443/shrine-api/shrine-webclient/ . This will be the application you use most often.

  • The SHRINE Dashboard - the url should be in the form of https://your_shrine_url:6443/shrine-api/shrine-dashboard/

Logging into the Dashboard gives you an all-in-one systems view of the SHRINE installation. You can cycle through the different panes on the left hand side to view different statistics of your SHRINE installation.

You should check to see if you are able to execute a query and see results come back from your own site as well as others on the network. If you do not see your own site and/or other sites, please submit a JIRA ticket with the issue and notify your network administrator.