This guide was created to assist system administrators upgrading from SHRINE 3.0.0 to SHRINE 3.1.0 system. The system is composed of an installation of I2B2 software ( and SHRINE software, per the diagram below.

This guide assumes the following:

  • You are upgrading a typical SHRINE 3.0.0 site in an existing SHRINE network
  • You have already upgraded to i2b2 version 1.7.12a
  • You have at least 2.5 GB free space available in /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib
  • You have i2b2 1.7.12a and SHRINE 3.0.0 running on separate hosts.
    • This is especially important as of the previous (SHRINE 3.0) upgrade, as you likely upgraded to JDK 11 as part of this guide, while i2b2 1.7.12a remains on JDK 8.
    • Both SHRINE's Tomcat and i2b2's Wildfly servers are optimized to make maximum use of the operating system's resources. Either can starve the other for processing time, memory, threads, or file handles to the point of stalling both systems if both are on the same host.
    • If you are unable to have i2b2 and SHRINE on separate hosts, members of the ACT network should create a ticket in the ACT helpdesk for further guidance.

SHRINE 3.0 Architecture Upgrade

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