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A list of the requests from core directors that involve making edits in an editor, committing them to master in Bitbucket, and deploying them using Bamboo.

  •  Change institution name from "Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center" to "Beth Israel Lahey Health/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center" (acronym stays "BIDMC"). Requester: Sylvain Lehoux
  •  Add "Glycomics" category. Requester: Sylvain Lehoux
    •  Link "Glycomics Core (BIDMC)" to it. 
  •  Link "Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core" (0000012e-5e87-861a-55da-381e80000000) to "Statistics" category. Requester Juliane
  •  Change core name from "Bioinformatics Core (HSPH)" to "Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core (HBC)" in Core Facilities (left nav). Requester John Hutchinson
  •  Change core name from "HSPH Microbiome Analysis Core" to "Harvard Chan Microbiome Analysis Core" in Core Facilities (left nav). Requester Jeremy Wilkinson
  •  Change core name from "Cancer Pharmacology Core (DF/HCC)" to "Bioanalytical Chemistry and Pharmacokinetic Resources" in Core Facilities (left nav). Requester Jeff Supko
  •  Decision: Change name of category from "Drug Discovery" to "Drug Discovery and Development"? Requester Jeff Supko