created Apr 16, 2012

The development of training materials was supported by NIH contract "open-i" (101180SB23), which aims to make Linked Open Data available from four Clinical and Translational Science institutions: Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, Oregon Health and Sciences University and Vanderbilt University. These materials will support the ongoing use and operational support of the servers, databases, and tools necessary for the LOD survivability at the open-i sites.

These documents may also be adapted/re-purposed for any institution that has adopted the eagle-i software.

Training Handbooks

We have developed documents and training to help each participating institution educate its local community about the eagle-i project, platform, and technology. These resources aim to ensure effective adoption of and local support for eagle-i. However, the materials alone can not ensure success; we recommend that each new member institution identify and train internal champions and facilitators to disseminate information about eagle-i and to collect/curate information about the community’s research resources. Larger institutions may wish to have more than one such person dedicated to the project, especially in the early phases of adoption. 

The following handbooks are available:

  • Outreach and Resource Collection SOP
    Recommended procedures and best practices for beginning the outreach and data collection process.
  • General SWEET Training Handbook
    An introduction to eagle-i data entry workflow, permissions, and annotation guidelines, including training materials for Core Facilities and Service Centers, Genomics Algorithms, and Model Organisms of Human Disease.

Video Tutorials

General Data Entry

Entering Cores and Services

Entering Model Organisms


Sample SPARQL Queries

We have developed a small collection of SPARQL queries we have found useful and you may use to familiarize yourself with the SPARQL query language. [download]

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