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Data stored in eagle-i repositories is published as Linked Open Data (LOD), in particular:

  • All eagle-i resources are identified by URIs.
  • All resource URIs are HTTP URLs, i.e. they are resolvable.
  • The HTTP protocol is used for content negotiation; the data is available in a variety of formats: RDF/XML, RDF/N3, HTML,...

The data in eagle-i is contributed by Network member institutions. This data can be freely searched using our central search application, but it is also available three other ways, also reachable through

  1. Public SPARQL Endpoints
  2. RDF downloads
  3. Lists of URIs*

*If a user or application knows the URI of a particular resource, they can simply request its data using the HTTP protocol; below is an example of an eagle-i resource:

and here is the RDF/XML representation of the same resource:

Useful LOD references

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