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Learn how others are extending eagle-i software and reusing eagle-i data

  • Plumage: developed at UCSF, Plumage is a tool to create an institutional lightweight front-end for searching and browsing Core Facilities information stored in an eagle-i repository. The tool generates static, search engine optimized pages, and leverages the eagle-i ontology and eagle-i's APIs.
  • Drupal connector: the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Freelock developed a Drupal plugin that pushes data from FHCRC's Drupal-based resource sharing site to an eagle-i repository eagle-i repository, see Drupal and the Semantic Web - Introducing the Eagle-I Drupal module.
  • NYU's Langone Medical Center integrated their eagle-i node with their campus CAS-based authentication and developed a locally published feature whereby resources can be shared at an institutional level or at a network level. 
  • The Harvard Catalyst Core Facilities database is powered by eagle-i data via the Cores API
  • The MGH Biostatistics Center software directory pulls its information from Harvard's eagle-i SPARQL endpoint, and provides an intuitive ontology-driven browse capability.

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