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eagle-i software is available under a BSD 3 license.

Wonder Lake Software offers technical support and software engineering services to organizations wishing to integrate with, customize or extend the eagle-i platform.


Getting started: for system administrators, install from packaged binaries

System requirements

The current eagle-i network deployment is a reference configuration. In this deployment, eagle-i nodes are VMs with the following configuration:

  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Disk: 100 GB
  • CPU: 2 core
  • Operating system: Fedora 14
  • Java environment: Sun JDK v. 1.6.0_27, 64 bit
  • Servlet container: Tomcat 6 or 7
  • RDBMS: MySQL 5.1 (used for logging search usage)
  • Mail server: postfix (used to enable resource owner contact feature in Search pages)

In addition, the eagle-i network uses a central server for hosting the central search application and a few other central services. The configuration of the central server is similar to that of the institutional servers.

Download and install eagle-i software

To spin up an eagle-i node, you will need to download: Repository distribution, SWEET webapp, Online help webapp and optionally Institutional Search webapp

For detailed installation guides, see: Documentation




Snapshots (daily builds)

What to download?



Repository distribution

Repository releases

Repository snapshots


Repository Administrator Guide


SWEET webapp

SWEET releases

SWEET snapshots


Application Installation guide


Institutional search webapp

Insitutional search releases

Institutional search snapshots


Application installation guide


Online help webapp

Help releases

Help snapshots


Application installation guide


Data management toolkit

Data management toolkit releases

Data management toolkit snapshots


Data Management Toolkit Guide


Central search webapp

Central search releases

Central search snapshots



Ontology browser webapp

Ontology browser releases

Ontology browser snapshots


Application installation guide

Getting started: for developers

Get the code

Subversion organization overview

Browse the Subversion repository:

Nicer interface:

Plain URL:

Check out the software development trunk:

svn co

Check out a release of the software, e.g.:

svn co

Check out the data model development trunk:

svn co

Check out a data model release, e.g.:

svn co

Set up a development environment

The eagle-i source code is a multi-module maven project (see code organization). Our code is IDE-agnostic, though we've had a good experience using eclipse with the m2eclipse plugin (standard with the latest version of eclipse):

  • After installing m2eclipse, open the eclipse subversion perspective and select "check out as maven project" at the trunk level.
  • This will create an eclipse project per maven module
  • eagle-i-base contains the root POM. mvn install at this level builds the entire tree.

Alternately, here are some notes on setting up eclipse for GWT debugging from one of our team members.

Browse the Javadocs

Latest release

Latest snapshot

Get the eagle-i resource ontology

How are we doing?

Is there anything that could be clearer in our documentation? We welcome your questions and feedback

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