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A new version of the eagle-i applications is now available for download. The release notes documented on this page apply specifically to version 5.0.0. Please see the Upgrade Checklist for information on how to perform an upgrade.

How to use this document

Notes for this release are broken up into four sections:

Within each category, notes are further divided into the application that is affected. Known issues will be cumulative of known issues that have not yet been resolved. If you are unsure what applications are applicable for your installation, please refer to this page.

Most institutions will be interested primarily in the General (effects across multiple applications), SWEET and SPARQLer sections within each category.

Institutions that have installed the optional Institutional Search will be interested as well in items that have been tagged INSTITUTION in the Search Application section within each category.

For those who have chosen to administer their own network of nodes, the sections of interest are General, items that have been tagged CENTRAL in Search Application  and Network Administration (Central Search Only) sections within each category.

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