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Ontology Information Web Services

These web services provide REST access to the EIModel API, a simple programmatic interface around the eagle-i ontology, see: They are packaged in the model.war web application and deployed centrally at

The results are always returned as JSON, generated with GSON from the EIClass Java class (or Lists thereof), see:

Information about one ontology class - /model/api/ontology/class

This call returns details of a given ontology type.

URL: /model/api/ontology/class (GET)

uri-- URI of the ontology type for which information is sought


Get details about the class Tissue Microarrayer:

List subclasses - /model/api/ontology/subclasses

This call returns subclasses of a given ontology type.

URL: /model/api/ontology/subclasses (GET and POST)

uri-- URI of the ontology type for which subclasses are sought.

deep-- if present, this argument instructs that a recursive listing of subclasses be performed. If absent, only direct subclasses are returned.


Get direct subclasses of the Instrument class:

List superclasses - /model/api/ontology/path

This call returns superclasses of a given ontology type, up to an eagle-i primary type (i.e. BFO ignored). Current limitation:  only one path is returned; some classes have multiple inferred parents, in which case an arbitrary path is chosen.

URL: /model/api/ontology/path (GET and POST)

uri-- URI of the ontology type for which superclasses are sought


Get superclasses of Tissue Microarrayer.

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