Ontology Information Web Services

These web services provide REST access to the EIModel API, a simple programmatic interface around the eagle-i ontology, see:  http://search.eagle-i.net/javadoc/org/eaglei/model/package-summary.html. They are packaged in the model.war web application and deployed centrally at http://search.eagle-i.net/model

The results are always returned as JSON, generated with GSON from the EIClass Java class (or Lists thereof), see:  http://search.eagle-i.net/javadoc/org/eaglei/model/EIClass.html

Information about one ontology class - /model/api/ontology/class

This call returns details of a given ontology type.

URL: /model/api/ontology/class (GET)

uri-- URI of the ontology type for which information is sought


Get details about the class Tissue Microarrayer:


List subclasses - /model/api/ontology/subclasses


This call returns subclasses of a given ontology type.

URL: /model/api/ontology/subclasses (GET and POST)

uri-- URI of the ontology type for which subclasses are sought.

deep-- if present, this argument instructs that a recursive listing of subclasses be performed. If absent, only direct subclasses are returned.


Get direct subclasses of the Instrument class: 


List superclasses - /model/api/ontology/path

This call returns superclasses of a given ontology type, up to an eagle-i primary type (i.e. BFO ignored). Current limitation:  only one path is returned; some classes have multiple inferred parents, in which case an arbitrary path is chosen.

URL: /model/api/ontology/path (GET and POST)

uri-- URI of the ontology type for which superclasses are sought


Get superclasses of Tissue Microarrayer. 


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