A new release of the eagle-i software was announced in the mailing lists. What next?

We recommend institutional servers be kept up to date with respect to the official software releases, not only to benefit from bug fixes and new features, but also to access additions to the eagle-i ontology such as fulfilled term requests and newly modeled resource types.

Upgrading the software in an eagle-i institutional server requires system administrators to perform a few simple tasks. This checklist is provided as a guide for upgrading the various software components. For details, refer to the linked guides.

1. Backup your data

For details, see: Repository Installation, Upgrade and Administration Guide > Administrator Tools  > make-snapshot.sh script

2. Upgrade the eagle-i repository

For details, see: Repository Installation, Upgrade and Administration Guide > Upgrade

For downloads, see: Get Software

  • Download eagle-i-repository-dist-[version].zip into a temporary location
  • Go to your ${REPO_HOME} directory and move aside existing  etclib and webapps directories
  • Unzip the repository distribution package into your ${REPO_HOME} directory
  • Stop Tomcat.
  • Delete ROOT and ROOT.war from ${CATALINA_HOME}/webapps
  • Copy ${REPO_HOME}/webapps/ROOT.war into ${CATALINA_HOME}/webapps
  • Start Tomcat.
  • Run ${REPO_HOME}/etc/upgrade.sh

3. Perform data migration procedure if required

Use the guide to determine if a data migration is required.

For details, see: Repository Installation, Upgrade and Administration Guide > Upgrade > Step by Step Upgrade Procedure - step 9

For downloads, see: Get Software

  • Download eagle-i-datatools-datamanagement-[version].jar, rename to eagle-i-datatools-datamanagement.jar and place in ${REPO_HOME}/etc/
  • Run ${REPO_HOME}/etc/data-migration.sh command

4. Upgrade SWEET, Institutional Search and online help

For details, see: SWEET and Institutional Search Installation and Upgrade Guide > Upgrade Procedure

For downloads, see: Get Software

For configuration sample files, see: examples in our code repository

  • Download eagle-i-webapp-sweet-[version].jar, eagle-i-webapp-institution-[version].war and eagle-i-webapp-help-[version].war into a temporary location
  • Stop Tomcat
  • Delete existing institution.war, sweet.war and help.war and their corresponding directories in ${CATALINA_HOME}/webapps/
  • Rename the downloaded wars to sweet.war, institution.war and help.war and place in ${CATALINA_HOME}/webapps
  • Read the release notes and sample configuration files and, if applicable, perform configuration parameter changes (this is uncommon)
  • Start Tomcat
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