Configurations specific to the node (as opposed to properties for the applications) are located in the local-node.xml file.  Assuming that tomcat is currently running and you are in the SSH terminal:

  1. Stop tomcat (Customize eagle-i repository -> Stop the running tomcat instance)
  2. Go to the eagle-i configuration directory
    • cd /opt/eaglei/conf/
  3. Using the text editor of your choice, edit the local-node.xml file
    • vim local-node.xml
  4. Follow the instructions in the comments to update the <node></node> section.  Specifically, update lines 14, 21, 24, 26, 29.

  5. Save your changes.
  6. Start tomcat (Customize eagle-i repository -> Start tomcat)

            <!-- Global node information is required to access centrally curated resources -->
            <!-- This section should be used as is, unless otherwise directed -->
            <global URL="">
                            <institution URI=""
                                    <label>Centrally Curated Resources</label>
            <node URL=""> <!-- REQUIRED: url for the node -->
                            <!-- REQUIRED: URI and graphURI for the institution/repository -->
                            <!-- NB: URI will eventually be allocated by eagle-i's global repository; -->
                            <!-- for the time being, choose a URI in your repository's instance namespace. -->
                            <!-- This URI doesn't need to be resolvable, it is simply an identifier -->
                            <!-- NB: graphURI is required but is not currently used. -->
                            <institution URI="http://unique.key.for/insitution" graphURI="inst">
                                    <!-- REQUIRED: This is the namespace that the instances are in for this repository. -->
                                    <!-- The namespace needs to be a well formed url -->
                                    <!-- REQUIRED: This is the label that is used in the UI display. -->
                                    <label>AMI test repository</label>
                                    <!-- OPTIONAL: Logo to be displayed for institution. -->
                                    <!-- If not supplied, the default is blank square. -->
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