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Our code has a build and runtime dependency on Java 7

The eagle-i source code is a multi-module maven project stored in a Subversion repository, see:  Subversion organization overview

Browse the Subversion repository:

Nicer interface:

Plain URL:

Check out the software development trunk:

svn co

Build the entire project (note the extra memory, some of the tests are quite resource intensive)

cd eagle-i-base
mvn clean install -DargLine="-Xmx1G"

Check out a release of the software, e.g.:

svn co

Check out the data model development trunk:

svn co

Set up a development environment

Our code is IDE-agnostic, though we've had a good experience using eclipse with the m2eclipse plugin (standard with the latest version of eclipse). The following guide outlines the procedure for setting this up:

Importing eagle-i code into Eclipse

Browse the Javadocs (snapshots only)

Get the eagle-i resource ontology

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