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Software engineering

Operations and QA

Ontology and Data curation 

Former Build Team Members


  • Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, Director of Informatics Technology and Architecture
  • Julie McMurry, Associate Director
  • Joanna Brownstein, Associate Director
  • Thomas Naughton, Project Coordinator
  • Lucy Hadden, Data Tools Team Lead
  • Priti Pathak, Data Tools Engineer
  • Sravan Cheriyala, Data Tools Engineer
  • Rich Simon, Search Engineer
  • Larry Stone, Repository Architect
  • Ricardo De Lima, Repository Team Lead
  • Clint Gilbert, Federated Network Team Lead
  • Carsten Schulz, Infrastructure Engineer
  • Rob Frost (Vector C), Technical Advisor
  • Jason Barreto, Software Engineer
  • Julian Cole, Senior Software Engineer
  • David Neiman, Senior Software Engineer
  • Seth Paine, Web and User Interface Developer
  • Ted Bashor (Wonder Lake Software), Software Engineer and Technical Advisor
  • David Hardwick, QA Lead
  • David Williams, QA Consultant
  • Simpal Kamal, QA Consultant
  • Bob Garces, Harvard Resource Navigator
  • Effie Tzameli, Harvard Resource Navigator
  • Karen Corday, Data Curator/Honorary QA Engineer
  • Nicole Vasilevsky, Data Curator
  • Carlo Torniai, Ontologist
  • Scott Hoffmann, Ontologist
  • Barbara Materna, Technical Writer
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