The Qep Receiver's thread stopped because of an uncaught exception.

Since 1.23


Something went wrong on the thread that the QEP uses to receive messages, causing a Throwable to stop that thread. The QEP is no longer receiving incremental updates.


Provide all the details about this problem to your sys admin. The exception message especially should provide precise information to help your sys admin diagnose the problem.

Results from queries that were submitted should be available by refreshing results in the list of all queries.

If you are the sys admin, restart SHRINE's tomcat to begin receiving messages again. 

Please report the summary, description, and all details to so that we can investigate, help solve the problem, and provide better diagnostics in a future release. To improve the quality of your report, please provide any other relevant information, including your current server environment (i.e.: OS, database software used by i2b2, database software used by SHRINE, version of Java, version of i2b2, version of Tomcat, version of SHRINE).

Retired in Shrine 2.0

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