The SHRINE adapter has received so many queries in a short period of time that the adapter believes a user is a bot.

Since 1.22


The SHRINE adapter has a throttle to limit bots that attempt to mine a SHRINE network for data. If a user exceeds the configured limits then the SHRINE adapter rejects that user's queries. Typically these limits far surpass a researcher's ability to read query results and create a new query.


If you are a user, wait  the short period of time suggested in "more details" and try your query again. If problems persist contact your local admin to ask for changes at the problematic adapter.

If you are a bot, throttle your use of SHRINE to fit below the limit supplied in "more details." Otherwise your human masters will detect you and may deactivate you.

If you are the adapter admin consider offering more queries or a shorter time window via the shrine.adapter.botDefense.countsAndMilliseconds list in shrine.conf .

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