A SHRINE adapter was unable to map some query terms to local i2b2 terms. 


Typically, this problem is caused by a faulty or incomplete AdapterMappings.csv (or AdapterMappings.xml) file at that site's adapter. The problem could also be caused by unusable terms at the user's query entry point.

It could also be caused by your user's site having an incomplete, outdated, or otherwise inaccurate ontology loaded locally. These are the terms that SHRINE uses when submitting the query, so if your site has the wrong ontology loaded, your site will effectively be speaking a different language when submitting queries.


If this error only shows up at one site, it's more likely that the remote site has a problem with their data.

If this error shows up at many sites at once, it's possible that the problem exists at your own site.


If you are a user, supply all details of this problem to your site admin to resolve the mapping problem.

If you are the user's site admin, verify that your current ontology is current and valid for the network. If necessary, supply all details to the remote adapter's admin to resolve the mapping problem. The error details should contain the SHRINE term that was sent with the original query.


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