The user has been locked out of running queries against the remote site.


SHRINE adapters interpret multiple queries with the same non-zero numeric result as a potential attempt to identify a single patient. When the number of queries with the same result passes a threshold, the adapter will reject queries from that user, responding to all queries with this error.


On most networks as of Shrine 1.22.8, the AdapterLockout security feature should be turned off.

If you are a user and believe this is an accidental error, contact your site administrator to resolve the issue.

If you are a site administrator, work with your local data steward to understand the user's intent, then contact the administrator for the adapter that has locked out your user.

If you are the site administrator for that adapter, determine if the user was benign and unlock the user. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the "Handling Lockout" section of Common SHRINE Operation Tasks.

Retired in Shrine 1.26

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