Before downloading and unzipping the Lucene index files required by the SHRINE web client, be sure you have at least 3.5 GB available.

For the reference adapter mappings file associated with this ontology version (4.0.0), see: Please note that any local customization will need to be re-applied to this new adapter mappings file.

First, Stop Tomcat. Change directory to /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib.  Download and unpack the Lucene index archive files. Be sure to set the user and group ownership of the Lucene index files to the account that is running the SHRINE application (by default, this should be the "shrine" user).  Finally, clean up the zip files.  Remember that everything in /opt/shrine must have the user and group ownership set to the shrine user.

cd /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib

wget -O
wget -O


chown -R shrine:shrine lucene_index
chown -R shrine:shrine suggest_index


Note: If your system uses a different directory other than /opt/shrine/tomcat/, then it is recommended to make the following change below to your shrine.conf. This will help the Shrine  webclient locate the lucene_index files. By default the system looks for the lucene_index in the /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib directory. 

lucene {

directory = "/path to shrine/tomcat/lib/lucene_index"

suggestDirectory = "/path to shrine/tomcat/lib/suggest_index"


Not doing this will result in the following webclient error: Error connecting to: "https://shrinehost/shrine-api/ontology/filterOptions"

After you have completed the above steps, restart Tomcat.

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