This is a general checklist for you to keep track of your progress in the installation process. Feel free to print this out as a reference as you go along. 

  • Install Linux OS
  • Setup shrine system user
  • Add shrine user to sudoers file
  • Install standard packages (text editor, etc.)


  • Install Apache Tomcat
  • Set correct permissions for Tomcat folders
  • Install Java JDK
  • Setup Java variables
  • Install MariaDB (MySQL)
  • Create shrine database user
  • Setup 4 SHRINE databases
  • Load schema into SHRINE databases 
  • Grant all privileges to shrine database user
  • Template Tomcat's context.xml file
  • Install SHRINE application
    • shrine-api.war
    • shrine.war (for ACT aim 3 plugins)
  • Template shrine.conf file
  • Setup Shrine application user
  • Setup Data Steward
  • Configure the Data Steward application
  • Create SHRINE keystore
  • Create certificate signing request (CSR)
  • Import certificates
    • Hub CA cert
    • Hub HTTPS cert
    • Signed cert (from the CSR)
  • Configure keystore in shrine.conf
  • Configure server.xml file


  • Create shrine_ont user / schema in i2b2
  • Grant all privileges to tables, sequences, and functions to shrine_ont user
  • Create ontology tables
  • Load schema into tables
  • Configure database lookups for new schema
  • Configure table_access table for new schema
  • Setup Adapter Mappings file
  • Configure shrine.conf to point to i2b2 installation
    • PM cell
    • ONT cell
    • CRC cell
  • Add SHRINE project into i2b2pm table (pm_project_data)
  • Add SHRINE CRC url into i2b2pm table (pm_cell_data)
  • Configure ont-ds.xml file in i2b2
  • Configure shrine.conf to point to network hub
  • Have network hub add your node
  • Verify operation by signing into each application
    • Shrine Data Steward application
    • Shrine Webclient
    • Shrine Dashboard application
  • Create a query topic in Data Steward application
  • Execute a test query in the Shrine Webclient with query topic