Custom breakdowns can be added to the breakdownResultOutputTypes property in shrine.conf. A new custom breakdown can be added by creating a new property inside breakdownResultOutputTypes and providing a description and category for the new breakdown. Each property name must match a breakdown name available in i2b2's QT_BREAKDOWN_PATH table. Please note that the SHRINE user role in i2b2 must have permission to access the breakdown. Below is an example of three custom breakdown configurations, PATIENT_TOP20MEDS_XML, PATIENT_LOS_XML, and PATIENT_INOUT_XML.

Example Custom Breakdowns
breakdownResultOutputTypes {
      description = "Top 20 Medications"
      category = "Medications"
      description = "Length of stay breakdown"
      category = "Visits"
      description = "Inpatient and outpatient breakdown"
      category = "Visits"
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