Ensure that your system has at least 100 MB disk space free before proceeding.

Make a directory for the Lucene index files, download, and unpack them.

cd /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib

wget https://shrine-ontologies.s3.amazonaws.com/demo/releases/lucene_index-DEMO-SHRINE-3.2.0.zip -O lucene_index.zip
wget https://shrine-ontologies.s3.amazonaws.com/demo/releases/suggest_index-DEMO-SHRINE-3.2.0.zip -O suggest_index.zip

unzip lucene_index.zip
unzip suggest_index.zip

rm lucene_index.zip suggest_index.zip

If you have installed ACT Ontology 4.0 then follow the instructions here for installing the Lucene Index files.

Note: If your system uses a different directory other than /opt/shrine/tomcat/, you will need to make the following change below to your shrine.conf to allow Shrine to locate the the lucene_index files. By default the system looks for the lucene_index in the /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib directory. 

lucene {
  directory = "/path to shrine/tomcat/lib/lucene_index"
  suggestDirectory = "/path to shrine/tomcat/lib/suggest_index"

Not doing this will result in the following webclient error: Error connecting to: "https://shrinehost/shrine-api/ontology/filterOptions"

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