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The appropriate software must be restarted whenever the configuration is modified.


Restart when server.xml, shrine.conf or override.conf are modified, or a new WAR file is put in place

Starting Tomcat:

Starting Tomcat
sudo -u shrine bash

cd /opt/shrine/tomcat


To deploy a new WAR file:

Deploying a new WAR file
sudo -u shrine bash


rm -fr ./webapps/shrine api*

cp <Shrine war file> ./webapps



(Re)start when shibboleth2.xml or other Shibboleth configuration files are modified.

(Re)start Shibboleth
sudo -u root bash

service shibd restart

service httpd restart


Restart after restarting Shibboleth; or when there is a change in Apache configuration.

(Re)start Apache httpd
sudo -u root bash

service httpd restart


SHRINE 4.0.0 Appendix A.9 - Using SSO-Enabled Shrine

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