Now that SHRINE is stopped, back up the current versions of the components you will be upgrading. Your preferred method for back-up may vary. These instructions will place the backups in a folder called /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups.

Start by creating a folder to contain these backups:

mkdir /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups
mkdir /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/tomcat 

Make especially sure that the shrine.keystore is backed up. If you lose the private side of a cert you will not be able to recover it.

cp -a /opt/shrine/shrine.keystore /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/shrine.keystore

Back up other areas of tomcat that you may have modified:

You will also need to modify several database tables. Make a backup of those databases now. The following is an example command that backs up MySQL tables.  Run the command as a user who has access to these tables.  If you use a different database engine, consult its documentation for an equivalent command.

mysqldump -u<your_username> -p<your_password> --add-drop-table --databases adapterAuditDB shrine_query_history qepAuditDB > <name_of_your_backup_file>
cp -ar /opt/shrine/tomcat/conf /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/tomcat/conf
cp -ar /opt/shrine/tomcat/bin /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/tomcat/bin
cp -ar /opt/shrine/tomcat/webapps /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/tomcat/webapps
cp -ar /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/tomcat/lib
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