SHRINE uses a mappings file that to convert network queries to queries that match your local i2b2. This mappings file maps each term in the SHRINE Demo ontology to a term in the i2b2 ontology. This can be a "one-to-one" mapping, where everything maps to something, or a "many-to-one" mapping, where multiple terms are mapped to the same term.

Find the AdapterMappings.csv distributed with your network ontology. You should place it in the /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib directory on the SHRINE host. 

The AdapterMappings.csv file can be download from the link below:

Depending on the details of your i2b2, you may need to edit AdapterMappings.csv to match the terms used in your local i2b2.

If you change the name of the ontology file from the default name AdapterMappings.csv, you will need to configure SHRINE to use this file by setting the adapterMappingsFileName value to the name of that file in shrine.conf's adapter section:

shrine { 
  adapter {
    adapterMappingsFileName = "RenamedAdapterMappings.csv"


You should ensure that your SHRINE host is using an ontology mappings file that is specific to the network that you are working with.

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