SHRINE uses MariaDB by default. SHRINE supports MS SQL and Oracle as well. Best practices for databases recommend a separate database server with backups and fail-overs. Many institutions have policies which require that configuration. That said SHRINE's database needs are modest enough to run MariaDB on the same operating system.

A minimal SHRINE system will need to install MariaDB. For more information on MariaDB, please visit: . The procedure is:

$ sudo yum -y install mariadb-server

-- Start service
$ sudo systemctl start mariadb

-- Enable on boot
$ sudo systemctl enable mariadb

Increase the number of connections to mariadb from the default 151 to at minimum 2049. In /etc/my.cnf add a max_connnections value.

max_connections = 2049

After this, you will need to create the SHRINE database user and grant it full access:

$ mysql -u root

mysql> CREATE USER 'shrine'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'demouser';
mysql> GRANT ALL privileges ON *.* TO 'shrine'@'localhost';
mysql> \q