Update Schema

Download shrine-setup.zip in temporary directory and unpack it.

wget https://repo.open.catalyst.harvard.edu/nexus/content/groups/public/net/shrine/shrine-setup/3.0.0/shrine-setup-3.0.0-dist.zip -O /tmp/shrine-setup.zip
unzip -d /tmp /tmp/shrine-setup.zip

In that directory find three database update scripts for your brand of database: adapter/adapterAuditDB-update-brand.sql, adapter/shrine_query_history-update-mysql.sql and qep/update-brand.sql . Run each of the appropriate scripts on your databases. For MariaDB run the following shell commands:

mysql -u shrine -pYourPassword adapterAuditDB < /tmp/shrine-setup/adapter/sql/adapterAuditDB-update-mysql.sql
mysql -u shrine -pYourPassword shrine_query_history < /tmp/shrine-setup/adapter/sql/shrine_query_history-update-mysql.sql
mysql -u shrine -pYourPassword qepAuditDB < /tmp/shrine-setup/qep/sql/update-mysql.sql

For MS SQL and Oracle, run the scripts appropriate for your databases. 

Increase the Number of Connections (MariaDB Only)

Increase the number of connections to mariadb from the default 151 to at minimum 2049. In /etc/my.cnf add a max_connnections value.

max_connections = 2049
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