The standard OS image that we use is CentOS 7 core, which can be found here:

If you choose, you should be able to find a version of this on Amazon's EC2 cloud marketplace. If you use Amazon AWS for your SHRINE node, you will need to use an elastic IP address so that your researchers can find your server.

Once you have an empty operating system create a 'shrine' user. Log in as the root user, create the 'shrine' user, and assign a strong password. 

$ sudo adduser shrine
$ sudo passwd shrine
(give the shrine user a strong password)

Next - log in as the shrine user. Most of the remaining steps in this configuration guide require logging as the shrine user.  Except where noted otherwise (for example, in steps where "sudo" is required to perform system-specific tasks), do all of the rest of the install and setup on this system as the shrine user.

Please note, follow the rest of the instructions as the shrine user except where it is noted otherwise.