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SHRINE 1.22.8 was released on 4/12/2017

  • WARNING: Networks will not be able to run a mix of 1.21 and 1.22.8. Nodes running SHRINE 1.22.8 will not trust messages sent by a node running SHRINE 1.21 or earlier, or vice versa. SHRINE 1.22.8 signs and verifies using the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) standard instead of custom code. (SHRINE 1.22.8 is compatible with SHRINE 1.22.4.)

  • SHRINE 1.22.8 is a bug fix release
    • No limit on the number of certificates in a key store.
    • Port values for nodes are read correctly within the dashboard, allowing the hub dashboard's to present information from other dashboards in the network.
    • Fix for a low-probability bug where encoded user names and passwords could be logged (encoded) to catalina.out.
  • UPGRADE Your Host: To to JDK 8 and Tomcat 8 . Performance and security improvements in these dependencies enhance SHRINE. 

  • NEW: Better Data Steward Support To Replace Automatic Lockout
    • Aggregate counts in SHRINE are now rounded to the nearest 5, +/-10. (configurable)
      • Increased noise injected in aggregate counts from sigma 1.3 to 6.5 (now configurable)
      • Inspired by HIPPA and FIRPA
    • SHRINE nodes email an audit request digest to a data steward once every 30 queries per researcher or 30 days (configurable) 
    • A new view in the DSA to show a digest of query terms that researcher has used at a glance, enabling a data steward to compare Research Topics to Researcher Query Terms for auditing purposes
    • Configuration option to turn lockout off (defaults to on, will default to off in 1.23. We will remove the legacy lockout support in 1.24)

  • NEW: Node data service
    • Serve static node-specific static data about a given shrine node, defined in configuration
      • Inspired by the need to identify a point of contact to run an i2b2 query for cohort studies.
  • IMPROVED Support for cohort studies
    • See above
    • Unbound database storage for flagged query messages (formerly limited to 256 characters). 
    • Tests for the I2b2AdminService, used by the "data admin app" to run a local i2b2 query.

  • IMPROVED: SHRINE System Admin Dashboard
    • Now contains the Problem Log tab, which serves as a web interface table of the various problems that SHRINE reports.
    • Now contains the Remote Dashboards tab, which allows admins at a Hub to connect to the Dashboard of Downstream nodes.
    • The keystore panel will now show whether there are certificate errors between nodes , as well as report on the certificates being used.
    • Many small improvements.

  • IMPROVED: Fixed many bugs within the web client
    • Including scaling problems in the graph feature from SHRINE 1.21
    • Developed a technique to automate tests of the interaction between SHRINE's web client and the QEP

    • Bot defense at the adapter to limit queries to a researcher's throughput - 10 queries per minute and 200 per workday (configurable)
    • Dashboard and DSA sessions expire after 20 minutes
    • Replaced custom public key certificate signing with the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) industry standard
    • Dragging a previous query to the query builder to re-run a query will not be successful if every query result is an error. Workaround: recreate query and execute.

  • NOTE: SHRINE 1.22.8 is comprised of the following internal releases:  SHRINE, and SHRINE 1.22.8
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