Custom breakdowns can be added to the breakdownResultOutputTypes property in shrine.conf. A new custom breakdown can be added by creating a new property inside breakdownResultOutputTypes and providing a description and category for the new breakdown. Each property name must match a breakdown name available in i2b2's QT_BREAKDOWN_PATH table. Please note that the SHRINE user role in i2b2 must have permission to access the breakdown.

Not all breakdowns will display in SHRINE the way they do for a single i2b2 instance. Because SHRINE networks aggregate results from multiple i2b2 nodes, variation in data and ontologies across i2b2 nodes result in variation of results displayed for breakdowns in SHRINE:

  • Where i2b2 nodes use different ontologies, SHRINE breakdowns will represent each local concept, only combining counts where C_FULLNAME values align. (if “Male” is coded differently at different sites, both will be displayed as part of a demographics breakdown).
  • If a custom breakdown is designed to query for a specified number of concepts (“Top 20 Meds”), the SHRINE presentation will aggregate and display any concept returned from any site. So in the example of “Top 20 Meds”, where each i2b2 node will return 20 medication concepts, SHRINE will display more than 20 concepts if the medications from different i2b2 nodes don’t completely align. (Aggregated results will only include counts from i2b2 nodes where the concept was among the top 20)

Below is an example of four custom breakdown configurations: PATIENT_TOP20MEDS_XML, PATIENT_TOP20DIAG_XML, PATIENT_CHARLSON_XML, and PATIENT_NIH_ENROLLMENT_XML . (Note the description of PATIENT_TOP20MEDS_XML and PATIENT_TOP20DIAG_XML to effectively communicate the SHRINE results display).

Example Custom Breakdowns
breakdownResultOutputTypes {
        description = "Most Frequent Medication Ingredients"
        category = "Medications"
        description = "Most Frequent Diagnosis"
        category = "Diagnoses"
        description = "Charlson Comorbidities"
        category = "Diagnoses"
        description = "Elixhauser Comorbidities"
        category = "Diagnoses"
        description = "NIH Enrollment"
        category = "Demographic"
        description = "Patient Frequency by Fact Type"
        category = "Research"
  } //breakdownResultOutputTypes
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