SHRINE's ontology utilizes a mapping file that "maps" the ontology terms to the patient data set that is in your database. This mapping file maps each term in the SHRINE ontology to a term in the i2b2 ontology. This can be a "one-to-one" mapping, where everything maps to something, or a "many-to-one" mapping concept, where multiple terms are mapped to the same term.

For AdapterMappings file for the i2b2 Demo Data set, please download the sample file from Harvard Catalyst's SubVersion (SVN) host:

This file should be renamed to "AdapterMappings.csv" and placed within the /opt/shrine/tomcat/lib directory. SHRINE reads this file at start-up.

Configure SHRINE to use this file by setting the adapterMappingsFileName to the name of that file in shrine.conf's adapter {} section:

 adapterMappingsFileName = "AdapterMappings.csv"


If you are using specific ontologies (ie, for a network you are participating in), then you will need to modify the sample adapter mappings file to accommodate the differences between the demo ontology and the network specific ontology.

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