This guide is designed to assist system admins installing SHRINE. 

This guide assumes that you have already installed a working version of the i2b2 software. If you have any problems installing the i2b2 software, please refer to the i2b2 installation guide, provided here:

Follow this guide in the order that the steps are written. Some steps must occur before others. The chapters are organized in the order in which the installation should occur. Some chapters may have additional sections that are specific to the installation of that item.

This documentation is written without specific regards to the actual informatics network in which SHRINE is deployed.  For network-specific information and configuration, please contact the support personnel appropriate to your network.

For SHRINE ACT Network

The SHRINE ACT network is composed of three tiers (Test, Stage, and Production), and the hubs for all three tiers are hosted at Harvard Catalyst.  Please follow the instructions in this documentation to configure your host as a remote site on the ACT network.  For questions regarding the ACT network or for trouble resolution, please use the ACT JIRA system to create a support ticket so that our ACT support team can assist you.