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By following these steps you are adding a link to ACT Next Steps in the new web client in SHRINE 3.0.

The destination for these links is:

New Web Client: Adding "ACT Next Steps" to User Profile Menu


In the webclient section of shrine.conf, add a nextStepsUrl property. Then set that property to equal the url address: Once this is completed, restart tomcat. 


    nextStepsUrl = ""

webclient {
    domain = ""
    name = "SHRINE"
    nextStepsUrl = ""
    urlCellPM = ""
    siteAdminEmail = ""
    usernameLabel = "isha_test"
    passwordLabel = "isha_test"
    queryFlaggingInstructions = "isha_test"
    flaggingIconInstructions = "isha's test flagging"
    flaggingPlaceholderText = "isha's sample message"
    helpLinks = {
        "Site Data Details": ""


After restarting tomcat, the new "Next Steps" link will be displayed in the menu of the new webclient.

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