New Features  

  • Demographic Distributions
    • Prior to running a query, researchers can opt to include demographic distributions (rebranded from "breakdowns") by selecting the checkbox.  This will include distributions by age, sex, race, and vital status. Four aggregate charts will be displayed on the View Results tab. Researchers can download a CSV containing site specific demographic distribution data.

  • Event based queries
    • Researchers can specify a sequence of events, or timeline to their queries (formerly described as temporal based queries). By selecting the "when" radio button for an inclusion/exclusion panel, it displays the event based panel.  Researchers can drag and drop concepts to describe the two required events and can adjust the time gap between events.  Researchers can apply one event to a single query. The readable query definition on the View Results tab reflects the selected concepts. Additionally, researchers can reload the concepts back into the Find Patients tab.

  • Download CSV of site counts
    • Researchers can now download a CSV for site counts formatted in a two column layout.

  • Improved experience of rearranging concepts in the inclusion and exclusion panel
    • In addition to selecting concepts from the Medical Concept List, researchers can move or rearrange concepts to within the same panel or to other panels.

Known Issues

  • Session timeout.  If a session timeout occurs, it is possible that the application will not fully restore functionality. Should this occur, it is recommended to log out and log back in to restore functionality. 

Browser Compatibility

  • The SHRINE webclient supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  For optimal user experience, we recommend Firefox version 66 or greater, Chrome version 74 or greater and Safari 12 or greater.  We no longer support Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

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