To fully connect to a SHRINE network, you will need to establish a connection to a Hub on that network. There are a couple of things you will need to do:

  1. First, you will need to allow both incoming and outgoing traffic from port 6443 on the SHRINE server. 

  2. Allow traffic on port 6443 to the IP address of the Hub.

  3. Check that the Hub's broadcast url is correctly configured within the queryEntryPoint section in shrine.conf:
    1. broadcasterServiceEndpoint {
              url = "https://shrine-hub-url:6443/shrine/rest/broadcaster/broadcast"
  4. Last, make sure that the Hub has opened a firewall exception to your site over port 6443. 

A typical firewall exception should look something like this:

Site's public IP address <----> TCP port 6443 <----> SHRINE Hub's public IP address

The Hub will then need to add your site's downstream url to its configuration file. The url for your site should resemble something like this:


Once everything has been configured, your site should then show up along with other sites on the network when a user submits a query in the SHRINE web client: