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This table shows combinations of SHRINE (1.19.2+) and i2b2 (1.7.05+) that have been verified to be compatible. Combinations not explicitly marked green on this table are not necessarily guaranteed to work.

i2b2 1.7.05i2b2 1.7.06i2b2 1.7.07i2b2 1.7.08bi2b2 1.7.09c i2b2 1.7.10i2b2 1.7.11
SHRINE 1.19.2CompatibleCompatibleUnknownUnknown UnknownIncompatible†Unknown
SHRINE 1.20.1CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleUnknown UnknownIncompatible†Unknown
SHRINE 1.21.2CompatibleUnknownCompatibleUnknown UnknownIncompatible†Unknown
SHRINE 1.22.8UnknownUnknownUnknownCompatible CompatibleIncompatible†Unknown
SHRINE 1.25.4UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownCompatibleUnknownCompatible
SHRINE 2.0.0UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownCompatibleUnknownCompatible

† i2b2 version 1.7.10 introduced an incompatibility that will impact all modern versions of SHRINE. i2b2 version 1.7.10 includes - as part of i2b2's startup process - a script that rewrites configuration changes in the PM cell for all projects. This script overwrites the PM cell's shrine project to point directly to the local CRC instead of to Shrine's query entry point.