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Forth, tell your hub admin that you are ready to run a test query. He will need to know your node key (from your shrine.conf), your prefered preferred node name, your i2b2 user domain, and your sys admin email address (you might want to use an alias for your team).

A few notes about these values:

  1. Once you select your node key value, it cannot be changed in the hub.  Please select a value that reflects your site.
  2. Please keep your preferred node name descriptive and conciseThis is the value that will be displayed in query result outputs.
  3. Regarding the i2b2 user domain, please specify a domain that reasonably reflects your site.  Please do not use the default setting.
  4. You may choose a departmental or role-based email address if you wish.

The hub admin will run this curl command on the network.