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Shrine's adapter hub has given up on this query after polling the CRC for a long period of timea result for this query from an adapter.


After a CRC reports that a query is in a QUEUED (or related) state shrine's adapter begins polling periodically. If the CRC fails to respond with either results or definitive, recognized errors within a very generous time limit then shrine's adapter stops asking the CRC, gives up on the query, and reports this errorShrine's hub has not heard anything new about this query after a very generous period of time (5 days by default).


If you are a user or an adminresearcher, send the admin at the reporting adapter all the details about this problem. If you are the admin most local to this error, examine the query and determine if there is a way to enhance your CRC to more efficiently process this query, or all queriesexamine your logs and determined why your adapter never responded to this query.