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Pages here should be assumed to pertain to the latest release (currently 23.07).
For documentation about 1.8, see the Older documentation versions: eagle-i 2.x and eagle-i 1.8 space.
For documentation about older releases, see the archive.

This documentation is a work in progress. We are grateful to the many people who have contributed to improving it. Special thanks to eagle-i's early adopter community, and in particular to Karen Hanson, Will Foushee, Sukie Punjasthitkul, Melissa Binde and Ross Davis. Please keep your comments coming.

System Overview

  • System Overview: This document provides a high-level overview of the system. It describes the ontology-centric architecture, an institutional deployment and the eagle-i software stack including the repository, data tools, search and ontology/data model.

System Administrators

Installation and Maintenance

This section covers tasks necessary to install and maintain an eagle-i institutional server, or eagle-i node 


What is an eagle-i





and Administration


Manual installation

Advanced Topics

Account Administrators


Web Services



  • Repository Design Specification and API*: This document is intended to be a thorough description of the data repository design; concentrating on its external interfaces. The intended audience is repository coders as well as implementers of other components that depend on the repository.  It also serves as an API reference manual.


  • Sweet Developers Guide: This is a developers' guide to the eagle-i data tools. It's focus is primarily on the SWEET (Semantic Web Entry and Editing Tool).


Experimental Work


Data Ingest and Data Management

Release Notes

Developer guides

Integration with Profiles RNS: this page describes the eagle-i API for displaying resource information in the Profiles RNS application

How are we doing?

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