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The installation procedure is simple and does not require specialized technical skills. It will allow you to get an eagle-i node up and running in a short amount of time. For a production system, you may need to involve your IT department, in a limited way. 

A new AMI will be available for subsequent releases, likely with a slight delay after the release.


What this is: an automated a mechanism for instantiating an eagle-i node in the Amazon Cloud
What this is not: an SaS (Software as a Service) solution


titleEvaluation Node

For an evaluation node, there is no need to customize the installation any further. Using the public DNS (Create an eagle-i node -> Wait for Instance to complete initialization) as your hostname, you may now go to a browser and navigate to the eagle-i node to begin entering data, searching data, accessing the repository, etc. See verify the eagle-i node is up and running for more information on where to navigate to.