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Table of Contents

Shut Down SHRINE

Before starting the upgrade process, make sure SHRINE's Tomcat is not running. Leaving it running during this process can cause problems. Simply run the following command:


$ /opt/shrine/tomcat/bin/

Create Backups

Now that SHRINE is stopped, it is a good idea to back up the current versions of the components we will be upgrading. The exact method for making this backups may vary, but these instructions will place the backups in a folder called /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups.


$ mv /opt/shrine/tomcat/webapps/shrine-webclient /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/shrine-webclient

Deploy New shrine.war

Next, we will retrieve the new SHRINE webapp from the HMS Sonatype Nexus server at Choose the version that you are upgrading to (for example, 1.18.2) and navigate to that folder. From there, download the appropriate shrine-war-[VERSION].war file to the webapps directory on the SHRINE server and rename it to shrine.war.


$ cd /opt/shrine/tomcat/webapps
$ wget -O shrine.war

Deploy New SHRINE Webclient

Unlike shrine.war, the SHRINE webclient is retrieved from the releases folder of the HMS Subversion repository at The webclient is found at [VERSION]/code/shrine-webclient. Checkout or export this folder to /opt/shrine/tomcat/webapps.


$ cp /opt/shrine/upgrade-backups/shrine-webclient/js-i2b2/cells/SHRINE/cell_config_data.js /opt/shrine/tomcat/webapps/shrine-webclient/js-i2b2/cells/SHRINE/cell_config_data.js

Schema Changes

SHRINE 1.18 adds columns to the SHRINE_QUERY table, and also creates the HUB_QUERY and HUB_QUERY_RESULT tables. Users upgrading from a version before 1.18.0 to 1.18.0 or newer will have to run a few additional database migration scripts.


$ wget
$ mysql -u $SHRINE_MYSQL_USER -p$SHRINE_MYSQL_PASSWORD -D shrine_query_history < hub.sql

Shrine.conf Changes

In Shrine 1.18.0+, it is now required to specify the names of result types corresponding to breakdown queries.  There names must match the names of result output types defined in the i2b2 DB of every node on your Shrine network.  For example, on a network comprised of nodes backed by i2b2 demo VMs, add this to shrine.conf:


note that shrine.breakdownResultOutputTypes can contain 0 or more child elements.


Since this breakdown result output type information will be shared by many nodes on a network, it's also possible to define it in its own file, breakdowns.conf, which can be shared among sites without revealing URLs or credentials.  That file should contain only the enclosing shrine { ... } block and the breakdownResultOutputTypes {... } block, like


If breakdowns.conf is present and no shrine.breakdownResultOutputTypes block is defined in shrine.conf, values from breakdowns.conf will be used.


The only thing left to do at this point is start SHRINE back up. Simply do the following:


$ /opt/shrine/tomcat/bin/

Verify Upgrade

After starting SHRINE up, verify that the upgrade was properly deployed by checking the SHRINE Happy module. The exact address you will need to go to depends on your configuration, but the general format looks like the following: