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This document contains the release notes for eagle-i Resource Ontology (ERO) version 2.0.3, released in conjunction with eagle-i application version 4.0.0.


Note: this is a major ontology release and is not fully backwards compatible. For this reason, it is highly recommended that institutions using an older version of the ontology upgrade as soon as possible.


  • The old MeSH terms will display in instance pages for institutions that don’t update, but clicking on the disease name pulls up a loading error message that the repo where that term resides is currently unavailable.
  • Searching for MeSH term names will not bring up results for those terms unless the term appears in a field other than related disease, i.e. searching for “Adenoma” will pull up resources with the term in the description, but not the ones that list it as a related disease:.
  • MeSH terms will not show up in autosuggestions unless the exact same name also exists in the new disease ontology. But again, even if the names are the same, instances with the old terms will not show up in search results unless that term exists free text somewhere else in the record.
  • In the SWEET, as observed with prior backwards compatibility issues, new disease ontology terms will show up the SWEET dropdowns of institutions that haven’t upgraded. These terms will not resolve properly in the SWEET once selected, however, they will resolve correctly in search.
  • Filtering by diseases in iPS Cell Search will not pull up any cell lines from sites that are using the old disease ontology.